• Brisk Walking

    Narrated by Abu Hurairah:
    “I have not seen anything more beautiful than the Messenger of Allah. It was as if the sun flowed upon his face. And I have not seen anyone quicker in walking than the Messenger of Allah. It was as if the earth was made easy for him. We would be exerting ourselves while he would not be struggling."

    Narrated by ‘Abdullah bin Abdur-Rahman:The Messenger of Allah he said: “Indeed, Allah will surely admit three into paradise by a single arrow. Its ...

    It is important to realise that the body is an amanah (trust) which Allah has entrusted to us, and to him all will return, and everyone will be questioned regarding the blessings they we given and how they used them.
  • Benefits of Cupping

    Cupping also referred to as Hijama is an ancient holistic technique which stems from ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures and has been practised for centuries. There are two main forms of cupping dry and wet: Dry cupping is a suction-only method whereas wet cupping involves both suction and controlled medicinal bleeding.
  • What is Hijama

    Hijama is an ancient bloodletting way used in many parts of the Middle East, China, and Europe. To be more specific, this traditional technique is used within the Middles East off the advice given by the Greatest Prophet of Islam Muhammed (Peace and Blessings Upon Him).
  • 5 Tips To Lose 5KG

    Reaching your weight loss goals can be a big challenge, regardless of how much weight you want to lose. However, taking it one step at a time and making a few minor modifications to your diet and lifestyle can make weight loss much more manageable.