Brisk Walking

Narrated by Abu Hurairah:
“I have not seen anything more beautiful than the Messenger of Allah. It was as if the sun flowed upon his face. And I have not seen anyone quicker in walking than the Messenger of Allah. It was as if the earth was made easy for him. We would be exerting ourselves while he would not be struggling."

Jami' al-Tirmidhi 3648

Notes: Walking is the easiest and most natural form of exercise and activity to the human being. The Prophet‎ﷺ would walk at a very fast pace such that his companions would struggle to keep up with him. He would regularly go for walks out of the city and climb the mountainous areas of Uhud outside Madina. Unfortunately, in this day and age with the luxury of private vehicles as well as advanced public transport system, people have become such that they walk very little let alone brisk walking like the Prophet‎ﷺ. One should try to walk a few times every day, a perfect opportunity would be to walk to the daily salah in the masjid. The Prophet‎ﷺ has mentioned great reward for those who walk to the masjid from a distance:

"The people who will receive the greatest reward for prayer are those who walk the furthest distance to come and pray, then those who walk the next furthest.” (Sahih Muslim 662)

By walking to the masjid, one can gain reward as well as keep a healthy lifestyle inshaAllah.